Matt Koslowski

Hei, it’s me!

Hello there!

My name is Matt, I’m a guy from southern Germany, now living in Berlin. I just got my degree in business informatics at the Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences with a thesis on disruptive user-centric business model innovation.

While I was studying I had plenty of side-hustle. For me there’s nothing better out there than creating something with my own hands. And all the things I love unite in filmmaking: photography, technology, design, music, drama and philosophy. During the last two years I moved from audiovisual storytelling to user experience design and agile product development. With the right people, teamwork is bliss. Together with fellow students I started making an app for our university which I still mentor as the project grows. Besides, I engage in innovation lab startups like Spotaneous, an app for discovering new places.

Now I’m in Berlin to combine my creative and analytic skills as an innovation consultant. And I’m looking forward to continuously bringing great ideas to life with nice people.